In today’s world, change is our only constant. Technology is advancing at an exponential rate, and innovation continues to lead our society forward. In this year alone, we’ve seen historic breakthroughs in:

Artificial Intelligence with the release of OpenAI’s GPT-3 changing the way we create and communicate.

Biology with DeepMind advancing protein-folding as a significant leap forward in the prospects of fighting degenerative diseases.

Computing with China’s Jiuzhang, a quantum computer that’s faster than Google’s prior record-breaking super computer, achieving quantum supremacy.

This list goes on…

As we reflect on the advancements throughout all of human history, we’re living during a time where the speed and capacity for change is unprecedented. As a collective, we have an incredibly small window of opportunity to shape the future of our world. Mr. Automation has been founded to do exactly that. We envision a world where humans and technology live in symbiotic harmony. To achieve this outcome, we must start by acknowledging that we have a significant problem to overcome.

Human Cognition. More specifically, we’re referring to our ability to process large amounts of information, and do something useful with it. This transfer of knowledge and comprehension becomes difficult for humans at scale.

Our mission is to close the gap between humans and technology, and we’re not alone. We’re seeing some of the most innovative and solution-oriented organizations in the world looking to the same problem. One example of this is Xprize, an organization committed to solving the worlds largest problems, recently released a 1.5 million dollar bounty for teams to create solutions to facilitate Rapid Reskilling of industries in specific demographics of the population that are at risk due to the advancement of automation. Efforts like this and others like Elon Musks’ Neuralink are continued validation, which show us the need for immediate action as a foundation for a better future.

Our team is comprised of technologists, creatives, and experts who envision a world where we can move humanity forward by embracing the advancements and rethinking the approaches used to convey information and accelerate the transfer of sharing knowledge.

From inception to exit, we’ve broken down the patterns that the most successful organizations in the world share in common to transcend as market leaders. Everything from consulting and coaching organizations to enterprise teams deploying life-saving products, our team has facilitated and continues to empower business transformation.

The greatest impact is achieved when we apply our technology and methodologies to ourselves, prior to integrating them with our organizations. After working with hundreds of business leaders, we’ve witnessed first hand what’s possible when we pair empowered teams with digital intelligence. It’s nothing short of magical.

Transform Your Business (Product/Service Offerings & Roadmap)

Our service-based business model empowers our experts to collaborate and work with your team to implement new technology and integrate it in a way that’s meaningful for your business. We’ve identified the following list below as a quick overview of the most meaningful solutions we provide to our clients.

  • Process Documentation & Consulting – Repeatable processes are the foundation of successful companies; however, processes alone are not enough. Documentation of said processes in a synchronized way within an organized and centralized location is imperative. We empower your company with the blueprints to scale efficiently with intelligent systems that accelerate your team’s output.
  • Software Implementation – Contrary to popular belief, software should be simple. Our team has the experience you can rely on to deliver software projects from Mono-SaaS to Enterprise Multi-Platform implementations.
  • Technology Integration & Adoption – Even the best software system is useless if your company isn’t using it. Our team will optimize your organization’s software adoption and success with active automation playbooks, live facilitation, and interactive training materials.
  • Curriculum Development – Curriculum is the most subjective deliverable in regard to project infrastructure based on the learning dynamics that live within every team. We co-create with your teams to establish clear learning objectives and ensure an intrinsic understanding of the fundamentals of your business needs utilizing the methodologies that are meant for your teams behavioral makeup. We then customize the specific prerequisites we’ve identified together to create the perfect learning environment for your team.
  • Custom System Development – Software is actively replacing the need for confusion and manual efforts within even the largest of organizations. Mr. Automation is the best in the world at evaluating your business and software requirements to create automation which increases your company value and improves your bottom-line.

People Who Benefit

We recognize that automation impacts every segment of society as it continues to penetrate both the innovative and most antiquated industries. As humans we have a natural inclination to fear change. We’ve found that the new dynamics of business through automation will increase utilization and output for:

  • Executive leaders who need visibility into their business and understand that survival is predicated on adapting to the new way of working.
  • Consultants who want to streamline their processes, deploy the most cutting edge resources, and provide the most impactful deliverables for their clients.
  • Employees looking to get a leg up and accelerate their career as a proactive stakeholder with vested interest in the business you’re serving by increasing the value of their time.
  • Students who are curious about the way they can provide value as a new contributor and make a significant difference in this world.
  • Vendors prioritizing exceptional customer experiences for organizations that are looking to transform their business.

If you’re one of the people listed above, we can help. If you don’t see yourself above, let us know what category you fall into and we’ll happily share how technology via automation is changing the paradigm in the way that you work.

A Call To Contribute

Human connection is one of the fundamental distinctions between good and great teams. As technology continues to advance, we must set a standard for human connection. Intentional connection must be a priority, or at the very least a consideration, of the way that we connect and access technology. To achieve significant success in this area, collaboration will be imperative.

We’re actively welcoming strategic alliances and contributors to provide additional resources and complimentary solutions to the teams that we’re supporting. Below you’ll see a list of partner personas we’ve outlined. If you don’t see yourself below, and still would like to contribute, we’re happy to connect and welcome you to our collective and mission.

  • Higher Education Professionals – Most Desirable Contributions: Talent Acquisition, Research Access, Curriculum Development, and Distribution Resources.
  • Ed Tech Creators – Most Desirable Contributions: Platform Development, User Experience, and Curriculum Development.
  • C-Suite of Desirable Employers – Most Desirable Contributions: KPI Clarity, Gap Analysis, and Stakeholder Buy-in.
  • Accomplished Players – Most Desirable Contributions: Niche Subject Matter Experts, Designers, Developers, and Supporting Characters.
  • Evangelists & Ambassadors – Most Desired Contributions: Network Effects, Strategic Alliances, and Co-Creator Recommendations.

What’s Next

Our team continues to invest in a data-first research processes that utilize the key pillars of psychology and neuroscience to facilitate understanding between distributed teams. We’ve created our process utilizing the best practices extracted from case studies and results of focus groups showcasing the specific techniques that are most effective for team success. Over the next few months, we will be releasing new curriculum and automation training resources to empower your team with the key principles and instructions to accelerate your business growth.

Stay in touch for the key takeaways that we’re documenting on a continuous basis.

Stay in touch to learn about the new technologies that are shaping our world.

Stay in touch for a different perspective on the opportunity we have to influence technology and why it’s important.

Stay in touch if you want to contribute to building an organization that shapes the world in meaningful ways.

Applied access to technology is the fundamental differentiator for all of us, as a collective. We invite you to share in the continuous excitement of collaboration, learning, and playful exploration into the unknown with our community.

There’s never been a time throughout history where coming together is more important than right now. As technology merges with humanity, let’s set the precedent to move humanity forward.